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Chandresh Dedhia is an individual with multiple aspects to his life, being a Son, Brother, Husband, Father and Friend, makes his life more interesting, every time!

I am also a Wild Life Enthusiast, Birds Watcher, Marathon Runner, Fundraiser and Volunteer by heart.

Love to see documentaries, loves History, Economics & Data Science as subjects.

Having more than 16+ years of experience in IT & Business Operations, I’ve seen a change in the IT consumption pattern and close to 20 years of IT experience, starting from “286 Computer Systems” to the latest in Technology, from BBS Text based Internet to the latest in Web 2.0 Internet, from Windows 3.0 to Windows 9, from a Motorola Brick Phone to Latest in Mobile Computing.

I am based in Mumbai and love travelling, considering it doesn’t constitute more than 50% of my time which rarely happens unless I take a Pilot’s job!

Love to share stories and experiences, a giver by choice, very blunt at times, but friends around call me a humble person which I really doubt!

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