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Welcome 2016, my resolutions for this year!

New year resolutions are such a fad during first month of the year, so by the end of the year, no one even remembers what were their resolutions. But as they say, if you can measure it, you can’t achieve it.

I as an individual would like to grow personally and professionally, learn something new, something different, something challenging.

So here I am with my mix of short, medium and long term resolutions for year 2016;

  • Planting – Sowing a seed every week. By end of the year there should be at least 52 different mix variety of plants consisting of Flowers, Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables. This certainly will give me more knowledge about the plants and its different way of planting and nurturing, this will be done with the help of my wife, son, friends and family.
  • New Sport –  I’m usually seen running half marathons. This time i’ll be doing something different along with my regular running. Not sure yet!
  • Yoga – I have a very basic experience in Yoga and i thoroughly loved it when i use to do yoga in our office with help of our Yoga guru. Unfortunately due to decrease in number of yoga attendance, our office decided to put an end to it. I did learn few concentration tricks with Juggling 2 balls with one hand and 3 balls with 2 hands.
  • Learning – New Year means new ideas, new potential, new opportunities to build skills and knowledge to help reach our goal. MOOC and certifications is my way forward.

I don’t want to over do many things at once, i think the above list is sufficient to keep me busy in 2016!

I would love to hear your list of  resolutions for 2016.


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